The Idiot Parade EP

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The song The Idiot Parade is a condemnation of grotesque ideologies and their disturbing intertwinement. It is an unapologetic denunciation of fact denialism, Hollywood-esque conspiracy theories, anti-science activism, mob rule mentality, and the delusion of white supremacy. It stands in protest against these currents both individually, and as they form a most unsettling union on the fringes of contemporary society.

— Vicar


“In your fear of reason / fear of the other / and perversion of truth”

And so begins the closing verse of “The Idiot Parade”, a song that appears in two drastically different configurations on DHI (death and horror inc)’s latest EP. Aside from being a prime example of the track’s forthright lyrical approach, the third verse aptly summarizes the layered narrative which unfolds throughout its 5+ minute run.

The Idiot Parade’s subject matter is matched with pummelling electronic drums, wailing horns, and a veritable army of bass synths. But thankfully, it’s not all doom-and-gloom, as both versions of the song have grooves to die for. And their interplay of melodic elements creates a soundworld that works its magic both on and off the dance floor.

Speaking of versatility, the EP’s title track arrives as both an all-electronic workout (the “Sardonic” version), and as an uncompromising slab of metal-industrial (the “Virulent” version).

The EP’s four remaining tracks are “A sides” in their own right, too.

First, there is the new “Desolate” version of last year’s “Losing” single. But in this incarnation, the guitars are stripped away and replaced with newly contorted bass grooves, and a hard-contoured electro-dub midsection.

Then, there’s “Chosen Ruler (Shameless)” which — not unlike its title — is an unabashed techno overhaul of what was previously a metal-clad affair. Clocking in at almost eight minutes, the new ‘Ruler fluidly straddles the line between trance-inducing arpeggiation and insistent stomp.

And of course, there’s more. As Vicar explains, “Once the EP’s title track and new remixes were completed, I went back and listened to the two singles from last year. Which, compared to the new material, almost sounded like demos to me. Ultimately, I ended up mixing the original versions of ‘Chosen Ruler’ and ‘Losing’ all over again, from the ground up. I’m happy to say that the ‘V2’ mixes do a better job at capturing the energy and emotion of those songs. And, hey… they’re louder now!”

Indeed, the new “V2” mixes perfectly round out the EP. The end result being a truly unique release that is evenly split between the realms of hard electronic and metal-industrial.

Reviews, Commentary & Accolades

Included in ReGen Magazine’s “Top Albums of 2021”.

Featured in Real Synthetic Audio’s “Best of 2021” podcast.

The new songs are more than simply a comeback… a project which hasn’t lost its initial power and efficiency. The tracks have been meticulously elaborated with raw and rough sound treatments while the alternative edits have been empowered by a guitar boost. I like the 3 songs for their rage, complexity and simply their Industrial spirit.” 8/10
Side-Line Magazine (Belgium)

DHI came out of hibernation, breaking 22 years of silence to bring out this politically aware, dirty, gritty little EP. Absolutely the right decision if you ask me… This one is definitely right up the alley of anyone pining for grinding industrial beats with something to say.
Sounds + Shadows

Great project by DHI that really deserves more attention.
Original text: “Remek projekt a DHI, ami igazán megérdemli a több figyelmet.
NecrogenesiS Webzine (Hungary)

Finest Industrial (Metal) in Canada!
Original text: “Feinster Industrial (Metal) auf Kanada!
DJ Niggels (Germany)

Face melted! Seriously, this is one of the most impressive releases I have heard in years!
DJ Live Evil (Canada)

Track Listing

  1. The Idiot Parade (Sardonic)
  2. Losing (Desolate)
  3. Chosen Ruler (Shameless)
  4. Chosen Ruler (Mix V2)
  5. Losing (Mix V2)
  6. The Idiot Parade (Virulent)


Vicar: voice, programming, guitar, bass, mixing, mastering, visuals​
Recorded at Scriptorium IV in 2020 & 2021.

Released November 1, 2021

Video Stills

A still from The Idiot Parade video by DHI (death and horror inc).
A still from The Idiot Parade video by DHI (death and horror inc).
A still from The Idiot Parade video by DHI (death and horror inc).


DHI (death and horror inc) press photo 2021
Vicar of DHI (death and horror inc).           Download high res

Vicar of DHI (death and horror inc).

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Formed in 1987, DHI (death and horror inc) rose to become a leading light of Toronto’s early electronic industrial scene.

In the 1990s, the band issued four CDs on Fringe Product (the Canadian home to Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys), and also appeared on Belgium’s Kk Records (Front Line AssemblyBauhaus). DHI’s discs received solid university radio support across North America, and even managed to bother the charts at Toronto’s groundbreaking CFNY 102.1FM. Spins from legendary DJ and Skinny Puppy remixer Chris Sheppard, and video play on MuchMusic, saw DHI’s hybrid sound reach an even wider audience.

DHI shared the stage with prominent figures such as The Young Gods, Front Line Assembly and Alien Sex Fiend, and maintained its presence on the industrial landscape until its hiatus in 1997.

But, the story didn’t end there.

In 2019, the group released expanded editions of its entire 1990s catalogue, including remixes and rare early tracks. In response to the renewed interest in DHI that followed, and with the blessing of his cofounding band member, frontman Vicar is once again creating new material under the DHI banner.

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