Machine Altar Transmission

[ 28th anniversary edition ]

DHI (death and horror inc) Machine Altar Transmission cover

Recorded 1990. Originally released as Machine Altar Transmission and the Chemical Land EP in 1991. All tracks from those releases are included here, plus two bonus cuts from our second demo cassette of 1989. This expanded 16- track set was remastered exclusively from our original tapes in 2019.

THIS IS AN OFFICIAL RELEASE, offered directly from us (DHI).
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Light The Torch (Alternate Mix) is a previously unreleased version from the original studio sessions.

Infantry (No. More. War.) is a rare version of the track which appeared on the 1991 album.

Can You Change? (1989 Demo) and Sentinel (1989 Demo) are both taken from DHI’s independently released Chemical Land Showdown cassette of 1989.


Chemical Land EP
“A solid release… superb sounds… the title track is already getting solid club and airplay in their hometown… DHI have a hard-fought release to be proud of.”
— StreetSound magazine (1991)

Machine Altar Transmission
“Toronto’s DHI (Death And Horror Inc.) is an industrial trio who assemble one unnerving mastication onslaught of spiky beats, feedback guitars, and hellish, incomprehensible vocals… If Stockhausen messed around with Black and Decker, Machine Altar Transmission might have been his baby.”
— CMJ Canada (1992)


  1. Chemical Land (Edit)
  2. Climbing
  3. Regenerate
  4. New Vision
  5. Machine Altar Transmission
  6. Staircase Repetition
  7. Light The Torch (Alternate Mix)
  8. Infantry (No. More. War.)
  9. M1911A1
  10. Can You Change?
  11. Corrosive Constant
  12. No Place For The Cross
  13. Chemical Land (Album Version)
  14. Chemical Land (Showdown Version)
  15. Can You Change? (1989 Demo)
  16. Sentinel (1989 Demo)


Vicar: vocals, samples, guitars, synths
Max: samples, synths, computers
Graf: samples, synths, power tools

Written, performed and produced by DHI.

Tracks 1-14 engineered by Rob Sanzo at B-Zero Recording, Toronto, 1990.
Tracks 15-16 recorded on a portable 4-track cassette recorder, 1989.
Remastered by Vicar at Scriptorium IV in 2019.

Remaster released October 14, 2019
Chemical Land EP originally released on June 26, 1991
Machine Altar Transmission originally released on November 11, 1991



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