DHI (death and horror inc): Losing single cover artwork


Losing is the second surprise release of 2020 from DHI (death and horror inc) after a 22-year hiatus.

Lyrically, this piece is an unwavering moment of reflection and catharsis. As a rumination on the concept of personal loss, it barrels down “the grim road of actuality” that we all must travel at times (whether we wish to admit it or not). And while the song emerges from a highly individual vantage point, it provides necessary space within the words for listeners to imagine their own story.

Thankfully, there is light amidst the looming shadows of these verses. It arrives in the form of a groove, and it is a gloriously pummelling one at that. Like cement blocks detonating under a relentless surge of grinding, contorted guitars.

In a parallel universe where dark dancefloors are still open for business in 2020, Losing is blowing up the spot.

Track listing:

  1. Losing (Mix V2)*
  2. Losing

*The bonus track “Losing (Mix V2)” was added to this release as a Bandcamp exclusive on November 2, 2021. Why? Simply because this updated mix does a better job of capturing the energy and emotion of the song. Get this version here, or on “The Idiot Parade EP” (released on November 1, 2021).


Vicar: voice, programming, guitar, bass, mixing, mastering, visuals
Recorded at Scriptorium IV in 2020.

Released November 23, 2020


DHI (death and horror inc) press photo taken in November 2020

Vicar of DHI (death and horror inc).           Download high res photo

Vicar of DHI (death and horror inc).

  Download high res photo

Formed in 1987, DHI (death and horror inc) rose to become a leading light of Toronto’s early electronic industrial scene.

In the 1990s, the band issued four CDs on Fringe Product (the Canadian home to Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys), and also appeared on Belgium’s Kk Records (Front Line AssemblyBauhaus). DHI’s discs received solid university radio support across North America, and even managed to bother the charts at Toronto’s groundbreaking CFNY 102.1FM. Spins from legendary DJ and Skinny Puppy remixer Chris Sheppard, and video play on MuchMusic, saw DHI’s hybrid sound reach an even wider audience.

DHI shared the stage with prominent figures such as The Young Gods, Front Line Assembly and Alien Sex Fiend, and maintained its presence on the industrial landscape until its hiatus in 1997.

But, the story didn’t end there.

Cut to 2018, with frontman and principle songwriter Vicar reactivating the project. First stop: a deep dive into remastering the DHI back catalogue (one of a few such dives, actually). Then, Vicar’s political viewpoint comes to the fore, with new material in protest against the rising threat of authoritarianism (enter the Chosen Ruler single (2020), and The Idiot Parade EP — named by Regen Magazine as one of the Top Albums of 2021).

The ensuing years see Vicar on a positive grind in the studio, logging daily sessions as he sculpts the next DHI album. But in 2024, time is taken to reflect upon the history of the band, as DHI’s 90s releases hit the 30th anniversary mark. A final round of remasters are then painstakingly created, this time with the benefit of Vicar’s latest studio experience and technical upgrades. The end result of this effort sees the full energy of DHI’s vintage recordings captured like never before. Released on April 29, 2024, this newly restored series includes Machine Altar Transmission (33rd Anniversary Deluxe), Pressures Collide (30th Anniversary Deluxe), and Emotional Lockout (Ultimate Remaster).

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