Machine Altar Transmission [Cassette]

The Original 1991 Dub + Remaster Download

This is the original Fringe Product dub of the Machine Altar Transmission album (1991). We still have a limited quantity of these cassettes to offer. All are in brand new condition, in their original shrink wrap.

Packaging includes a deluxe 5-panel fold-out sleeve in a U-card format (includes a back cover). The sleeve is printed on quality cardstock, and features artwork, lyrics and production details. This sleeve is a rare example of 6-colour printing (using cyan, magenta, yellow & black inks, plus two Pantone colours to create the hot red DHI wordmark and aqua album title). The cassette tape is high-fidelity chrome bias, and the shell features silkscreened artwork in silver ink.

Purchase includes a digital download of the 18-track Machine Altar Transmission (33rd Anniversary Deluxe), which features remastered versions (and in two cases alternate versions) of all tracks contained on the cassette, plus 8 bonus tracks.

THIS IS AN OFFICIAL RELEASE, offered directly from us (DHI).
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Machine Altar Transmission cassette


  1. Chemical Land
  2. Climbing
  3. Regenerate
  4. New Vision
  5. Machine Altar Transmission


  1. Corrosive Constant
  2. Light The Torch
  3. Infantry
  4. Can You Change?
  5. No Place For The Cross

machine Altar Transmission (33rd Anniversary Deluxe) Download

  1. Chemical Land (Edit – 1990 Mix Restored)
  2. Climbing (1990 Mix Restored)
  3. Regenerate (1990 Mix Restored)
  4. New Vision (1990 Mix Restored)
  5. Machine Altar Transmission (1990 Mix Restored)
  6. Staircase Repetition (1990 Mix Restored)
  7. Light The Torch (Alternate – 1990 Mix Restored)
  8. Infantry (No. More. War. – 1990 Mix Restored)
  9. M1911A1 (1990 Mix Restored)
  10. Can You Change? (1990 Mix Restored)
  11. Corrosive Constant (1990 Mix Restored)
  12. No Place For The Cross (1990 Mix Restored)
  13. Chemical Land (1990 Mix Restored)
  14. Chemical Land (Showdown Version – 1990 Mix Restored)
  15. Can You Change? (1989 Demo Restored)
  16. Force Rhythm (1989 Demo Restored)
  17. Sentinel (1989 Demo Restored)
  18. Machine Altar Transmission (1989 Demo Restored)

Learn more about the 33rd Anniversary Deluxe edition of this album.



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