DHI (death and horror inc)

The first single in 22 years.

You didn't think it would happen. But, it had to.
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The first single in 22 years.

You didn't think it would happen. But, it had to.
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Vicar of DHI (death and horror inc)

DHI (death and horror inc):
An unruly return

DHI (death and
horror inc):
An unruly return

In an unanticipated move, DHI has released its first single in over two decades. Entitled Chosen Ruler, the track is an uncompromising blast of electronic-metal which vocalist/songwriter Vicar refers to as “a protest against authoritarianism, groupthink, and scapegoating.” Read the full Artist Statement >

DHI who?

Formed in 1987, DHI rose to become a leading light of Toronto’s early electronic industrial scene.

In the 1990s, the band issued four CDs on Canadian label Fringe Product (Black Flag, Sacrifice), and also appeared on Belgium’s Kk Records (Bauhaus, Front Line Assembly). DHI’s discs received solid university radio support across North America, and even managed to bother the charts at Toronto’s groundbreaking CFNY 102.1FM. Spins from legendary DJ Chris Sheppard, and video play on MuchMusic, saw DHI’s hybrid sound reach an even wider audience.

DHI shared the stage with prominent figures such as The Young Gods, Front Line Assembly and Alien Sex Fiend, and maintained its presence on the industrial landscape until its hiatus in 1997.

But, the story didn’t end there.

In 2019, the group released expanded editions of its entire 1990s catalogue, including remixes and rare early tracks. In response to the renewed interest in DHI that followed, and with the blessing of his cofounding band member, Vicar is once again creating new material under the DHI banner.

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DHI (death and horror inc)‘s entire 1990s catalogue, plus early cassette highlights, and this year’s surprise new single release.

DHI (death and horror inc) Chosen Ruler cover

Chosen Ruler


DHI (death and horror inc) Machine Altar Transmission cover

Machine Altar Transmission
(28th Anniversary Edition)

1991 (REMASTERED 2019)

DHI (death and horror inc) Pressures Collide cover

Pressures Collide
(25th Anniversary Edition)

1994 (REMASTERED 2019)

DHI (death and horror inc) Emotional Lockout cover

Emotional Lockout
(Remastered Edition)

1998 (REMASTERED 2019)